Daytrading Technical Analysis · Trading Game Plan

2016/11/15 – Intraday Charts & Parameters



Dow 30

Support: 18610, 18535

Resistance: 18900

Game Plan:  Another new high in Dow but finally pulled back at top of ascending channel with momentum fading. Good risk reward short here with target towards bottom of channel near 18600 area


S&P 500

Support:  2150

Resistance: 2180, 2194

Game Plan:  Still chopping between 2150 and 2180. Stay neutral and trade the range



NDX 100

Support: 4660, 4560

Resistance: 4810, 4850

Game Plan: Remains under pressure and edging closer to bottom of channel. Can test the water on the long side at 4660 with a stop under 4650


Crude Oil

Support: 43, 42.2

Resistance: 44.75, 46

Game Plan: Sharp bounce off 42, now headed for retest of descending channel just under 45.




Support: 1213, 1193

Resistance:  1245

Game Plan: Bigger picture remains bearish as H&S pattern continues to dictate the direction. A relief bounce underway but likely stall at 1245 area.


10-Yr Treasury Note

Support: 126.5, 126

Resistance: 128

Game Plan: Finally some sign of stabilizing with a confirmed hammer candle reversal on the 4 hour chart. Can dip the toes at 126.5 and 126 for quick bounce



US Dollar Index

Support: 99

Resistance:  100.4

Game Plan: Tested 100 magnet and backed off. May fill Sunday evening gap at 99 before resuming higher. Sell towards top of channel near 100.4 area


Nikkei 225

Support: 17620, 17443

Resistance: 17725

Game Plan: Consolidating in very tight range between channel breakout area and April highs. Risk is a sharp pullback if we drop back inside the channel towards 200MA.





Currency Pairs


Support: 107.45

Resistance: 109.34

Game Plan: Relentless squeeze continues after spiking above July swing high of 107.45, now 109.3 is next target.




Support: 1.07

Resistance: 1.0820. 1.0850

Game Plan: Oversold bounce, likely retest Sunday evening gap open area at 1.085. Dips to 1.07 would be a buy




Support: 1.238, 1.23

Resistance: 1.2498, 1.2542

Game Plan: Broke ST uptrend off lows, now we likely correct towards 1.23 area which would be a good re entry point for longs



Support: 0.7517, 0.7450

Resistance: 0.7570, 0.76

Game Plan: Dollar strength prevailed as LT uptrend has finally broken. Sell rallies at 0.76 for ultimate target of retesting Sept lows of 0.7450




Support: 1.3425

Resistance: 1.3555

Game Plan: Oil’s resurgence helped stall the gains, now battling at post Trump breakout area.



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