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2016/11/10 – Intraday Charts & Game Plan



Dow 30

Support: 18601, 18569

Resistance: 18772

Game Plan:  The amazing panic buy resumes overnight with Dow punching through ATH. Not much resistance until top of channel line connecting the highs


S&P 500

Support: 2167, 2150

Resistance: 2180, 2190

Game Plan:  ES futures on mission to test ATH near 2190, for now that is a good reload opportunity to short.  Dips to 2150 are buy.



NDX 100

Support: 4832, 4760

Resistance: 4905, 4928

Game Plan: Looks to squeeze towards top of up channel above 4920 where it will be a good reentry for short


Crude Oil

Support: 45, 44.3

Resistance: 45.5, 46.75

Game Plan: Chopping in a relatively small tight range, repelled at broken descending down channel. Trade the 43-46 range in ST.




Support: 1271, 1248,

Resistance:  1209, 1306

Game Plan: Spiked up and back under key resistance of 1306. This is bearish development unless on daily chart can close back above 1310 to negate bearish H&S pattern.


10-Yr Treasury Note

Support: 128, 127.88

Resistance: 129.16

Game Plan: Bottom of channel broken with conviction, falling knife dropped to March swing point before bouncing slightly. Wait for a short opportunity on retest of breakout



US Dollar Index

Support: 98.11, 97.37

Resistance:  98.91, 99.1

Game Plan: Looks set to retest Oct highs at 99 and may spike above to tag the top of channel


Nikkei 225

Support: 17000, 16980

Resistance: 17500, 17550

Game Plan: All the way back to recent swing high where there will be resistance at broken ascending wedge between 17500-17550. Good test the water short at those levels





Currency Pairs


Support: 105.5, 105

Resistance: 106.54, 107.13

Game Plan: Squeeze to broken ascending wedge, threatening to break above. After that no resistance until 107.




Support: 1.0865

Resistance: 1.0950, 1.10

Game Plan: One way street looks headed to Oct lows of 1.0865 area before there is any meaningful support





Support: 1.2320, 1.2311

Resistance: 1.2549, 1.2720

Game Plan: ST double top at 1.2544, but continue to hold above broken descending channel on the downside. Sideways trading until one way breaks. Buy dips towards 1.2310



Support: 0.7666, 0.7631

Resistance: 0.7727, 0.7774

Game Plan: Series of false breakout, chop galore remains the theme. LT uptrend held on post-Trump plunge. Continue to trade the edge between the trendline and April top.




Support: 1.3263, 1.32

Resistance: 1.345, 1.352

Game Plan: False breakout above channel as directionless trading continues. Trade the edges between the channel.



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