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2016/11/08 – Intraday Charts & Game Plan



Dow 30

Support: 18105, 17985

Resistance: 18200, 18330

Game Plan:  Broke critical descending down trend. Next key resistance is broken uptrend which is likely to be retested on a spike up on a Clinton victory at 18330 which is a good risk-reward entry for short.


S&P 500

Support: 2120, 2105

Resistance: 2135, 2160

Game Plan:  Laggard comparing to the Dow as still has yet to break downtrend. Likely squeeze above it to converge with Dow, after that 2160 will be next key resistance.


NDX 100

Support: 4720, 4697

Resistance: 4809, 4841

Game Plan: Currently battling pivotal swing point, after which squeeze above 4800 is most likely scenario. Overall in no-man’s land as it’s in middle of a large channel, hence advised to focus on other indices for cleaner signals


Crude Oil

Support: 44.64, 43.33

Resistance: 46.45, 47.7

Game Plan: Broke above ST downtrend, now likely squeeze to bottom of next down channel and right shoulder near 46.5. Stay long unless we breakdown below ST uptrend



Support: 1280, 1273

Resistance: 1290, 1306

Game Plan: Crumbled back inside ST up channel, and most likely headed to the bottom near 1270 area. Larger tech picture turns bearish with potential H&S pattern, but scalp long and short between the channel for VST timeframe


10-Yr Treasury Note

Support: 129.67, 129.59

Resistance: 130.4

Game Plan: Gapped down to broken descending trendline. Sideways trading between horizontal resistance and the trendline.



US Dollar Index

Support: 97.5, 97

Resistance:  98

Game Plan: Consolidating just above 97.5, likely sideways trading between 97.5 and 98 until next catalyst


Nikkei 225

Support: 17130, 16880

Resistance: 17380, 17460

Game Plan: Held above Sept swing high and look to retest cluster of resistance at top of up channel, broken uptrend and Oct swing highs. Look to short spikes to those resistance between 17400 and 17500.





Currency Pairs


Support: 104, 103.3

Resistance: 104.41, 104.54

Game Plan: Indecisive trading at key swing point 104.5, inside a large up channel. Spikes up to 105.5 – 106 are good short opportunities. A Trump victory most certainly plunge through to 100 handle.




Support: 1.1050, 1.1026

Resistance: 1.1127, 1.12

Game Plan: In sideways consolidation between 1.11 and 1.0955 in short-term until next catalyst



Support: 1.2352, 1.2311

Resistance: 1.2549, 1.264-

Game Plan: Held down channel breakout – continue to buy dips towards 1.23. Likely retest recent highs and next key resistance up above 1.26



Support: 0.7666, 0.7631

Resistance: 0.77, 0.7720

Game Plan: Tested horizontal resistance – the Oct swing highs and held so far. Directionless trading continues for time being.




Support: 1.33

Resistance: 1.345

Game Plan: Still can’t break loose after taking out swing highs from earlier October, bounded by upper channel line and in a tight range. Buy on break above 1.345 or at 1.3300



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