Daytrading Technical Analysis · Trading Game Plan

2016/11/1 – Intraday Charts & Game Plan



Dow 30

Support: 18038, 18000

Resistance: 18150, 18270

Game Plan: Charging towards downtrend line again as the range gets narrower between 18050 and 18150. Fireworks either side await but bias is to upside with seasonality positive this week


S&P 500

Support: 2120, 2114

Resistance: 2141, 2160

Game Plan:  Held crucial 2120 once again and what can’t go down shall go up. 2140 is where all bears likely camp. If Dow breaks downtrend, look for S&P 500 to converge and break above as well


NDX 100

Support: 4784, 4760

Resistance: 4850, 4883

Game Plan: On cusp of breaking descending wedge and could squeeze towards broken up channel on confirmation.


Crude Oil

Support: 46.65, 46.2

Resistance: 47.7, 48.9

Game Plan: Plunged through descending channel to just above the LT trendline and bounced. Still very bearish and should sell rips towards descending channel. Buy dips for quick scalp trade towards 46.2




Support: 1268, 1260

Resistance: 1282, 1303

Game Plan: Remains bounded by top of the up channel. Keep trading the range inside the channel until it breaks out.


10-Yr Treasury Note

Support: 129.28

Resistance: 129.64, 129.94

Game Plan: Bounce failed at early Oct swing lows, should head back to recent bottom



US Dollar Index

Support: 98.21, 98.1

Resistance:  99, 99.4

Game Plan: Tight range in a mini megaphone. Wait for market to digest deluge of US economic data and FOMC before jumping in.


Nikkei 225

Support: 17300, 17160

Resistance: 17500, 17565

Game Plan: Not backing down after breaking ascending wedge. As it’s highly correlated to USD/JPY. Wait for reaction to US economic data and FOMC before jumping in



Currency Pairs


Support: 104.6, 103.9

Resistance: 105.5, 105.98

Game Plan: Defended confluence of trendline supports on Sunday gap down, and now looks headed back to top of ascending channel. Technically bullish unless it drops under 104.6.



Support: 1.0954, 1.0919

Resistance: 1.10, 1.1022

Game Plan: Technicals turning bullish after breaking back above the key swing point 1.095. Today defended 1.095 again and looks headed above 1.10



Support: 1.2141, 1.2100

Resistance: 1.2267, 1.2311

Game Plan: Continue grinding sideways in a horizontal range, but very strong post-flash crash downtrend looms that will put a lid to the upside. Trade the ranges and short on test of downtrend.



Support: 0.7558, 0.7518

Resistance: 0.7684, 0.77

Game Plan: Directionless trading in past month, and upside breaks have been fake outs. Trade the wide descending wedge both sides.




Support: 1.3385, 1.3308

Resistance: 1.3435

Game Plan: Still can’t break loose after taking out swing highs from earlier October, bounded by upper channel line and in a tight range. Buy on break above 1.3435 or at 1.3300



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