Daily Watchlist · Portfolio Update

2016/10/10 – Portfolio Update

Quantitative Strategy – Automated Portfolio Update


Equities Short-Term Long Only        
0.93% -0.69% -0.69% 45.62%
    Short Only        
      -0.66% 0.98% 0.98% 35.30%
      0.16% -0.07% -0.07% 41.62%
  Medium-Term Long Only        
      0.26% -1.65% -1.65% 19.10%
ETF Short-Term Long Only        
      0.61% -0.29% -0.29% 30.67%
    Short Only        
      0% -1.34% -1.34% 5.45%
      0.61% -0.54% -0.54% 29.59%
  Medium-Term Long Only        
      0.71% -0.81% -0.81% 24.73%
Futures Short-Term Long/Short        
      0.21% 1.45% 1.45% 8%
FX Short-Term Long/Short        
      -0.15% 0.90% 0.90% 16.02%
SPX Benchmark Index          
      0.46% -0.21% -0.21% 5.86%

Portfolio Commentary

Plenty of trading action today both on the long and short side as our signals detected plenty of high-probability opportunities. We are seeing some strong momentum stocks pulling back which provide good entry points for near term upside. An example is GOOGL which we went long on Friday and performed extremely well today. Today MMM, ATVI, DOV and WMT are added to our Medium-Term portfolios, the former 2 are momentum plays and latter 2 are contrarian technical plays on oversold conditions. On the other hand, we put on a ST short position in WDC, which we are long in our medium-term portfolio, as a hedge as technical divergence may put downward pressure at least in the short-term.


Chart in Focus

RHI  –  Short-Term Long

Target: 40

Entry Point(s): 38.78

Comments:  Broke long-term downtrend and Sept swing high with wide ranging bar. 200DMA target is next.



MMM  – Medium-Term Long

Target: 175

Entry Point(s): 171.4

Comments: At bottom of bullish channel, should find support here and good-risk reward that we bounce back towards the top of channel



WDC  – Short-Term Short

Target: 56.4

Entry Point(s): 59.26

Comments: Temporarily bearish to workoff negative technical divergences. We remain long in our medium-term portfolio.



DD  – Short-Term Short

Target: 65

Entry Point(s): 68.94

Comments: DD is in a round-top formation as bullish momentum is fading and closed with a doji at major swing point from August and June. Short here with a stop above 71




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